What to Expect

A Typical MOPS NWA Meeting

We form relationships in round tables led by a Table Leader. We are friends who become family, and we are structured in a way that we are always welcoming to newcomers. Connecting over “mom” things brings us closer each week.

Below is an outline of what you can expect when coming to a MOPS NWA meeting!

1. Hello + Drop Your Kids in MOPS Kids

A Greeter will say hello, give you your name tag (or register you if it is your first time), and show you where to bring your kids for MOPS Kids! (Pre-crawling babies are welcome to join you in the meeting if you would like them to!)

2. Grab Some Breakfast and a Cup of Coffee

Each meeting, a table is assigned to bring breakfast. Come hungry! We have all sorts of delicious foods in our breakfast buffet. Coffee is also provided – and you can drink it HOT if you want since your kids will be cared for in MOPS Kids!

3. Chat with Your Table

You will be assigned a table with a Table Leader as soon as you register and pay the registration fee. This is the table you will be with all semester, so you will make some life-long friends as we share food and coffee and discuss all things #motherhood!

4. Announcements + Prayer

We love to celebrate birthdays, pregnancies, and pray for each other as a whole group! You are supported not only by your table, but by all of the moms at MOPS.

4. Learn About Something Cool from One of Our Sponsors

Our MOPS meetings would not be able to run without our local sponsors. We have AMAZING sponsors that share local opportunities that are relevant to moms of preschoolers! This is a fun, quick way to learn about some cool things around the Northwest Arkansas area.

5. Listen to an Inspirational Speaker

In need of a pep talk, some great ideas, or a little bit of inspiration for your mothering journey? We have you covered! We have fabulous speakers who are gifted at speaking light and life into moms in this particular leg of our journey. Come prepared to be refreshed!

6. Discuss with Your Table

We like to talk about what we have learned from the speakers, and we have plenty of time to do just that! Grab some more coffee and enjoy filling up your (spiritual) cup with the other moms at your table!

7. Sometimes We Do a Craft

Some meetings we will do a craft while we chat with the moms at our table! Don’t worry – you don’t have to be “crafty.” This is just another fun way to really connect with other moms as we let our creative side out a little bit!

More than Just Friday Mornings

In the spirit of community, we like to get together regularly for a Mom’s Night Out, Play Dates, and a once-a-year MOPS and POPS night!